Why Local Matters

High Desert sagebrush and forest habitats have been altered by fire, weeds and land uses. Commercially available seeds are either not native to our area, or do not have the necessary diversity to be successful in our harsh environment.

Native plant materials are recommended by the Seedbank because they:

  • Are unlikely to be invasive or overly competitive with other native plants
  • Return more normal fire intervals and fuel loadings
  • Use less water
  • Provide food resources for native insects (butterflies), birds and other wildlife
  • Reduce energy consumption and pollution (limited need for mowing)
  • Compete with weeds and reduce the need for herbicides
  • Enhance aesthetics and visual quality
  • Protect biodiversity and stewardship of our natural heritage
  • Are more genetically diverse and therefore able to adapt to changing climatic and environmental conditions (more resistant to freezing and drought)