Getting Started

Seeding Options

  • Non-Native - If you are trying to control weeds and want a very low cost plant cover, there are non-native species developed for arid lands. Crested wheat grass and other cultivars can be purchased inexpensively for $10 to $30 per acre.
  • North American Native - If you decide to use plant material that was developed from North American native sources, seed of cultivars can be obtained from local seed companies and cost from $30-$100 per race.
  • Local Native - If you determine that restoration of the native ecosystem is your goal and you want to use native species adapted from local, native material the cost will be $100 to $300 per acre.

Seed Selection

When selecting native plant materials, it's important to have knowledge of the geographic origin, and genetic diversity of the plant source. A good practice is to choose material from an area that matches the climate, soils and elevation of your site as closely as possible.  Successful restoration projects are used on selecting plant materials that are adapted to your site. The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS-USDA) and other consultants may help you determine these conditions and your original plant community. You may select native species that wildlife utilize for food or cover. Contact the local Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) at (541) 388-6363 for assistance.

Purchase certified or source identified seed. This seed is grown, tested and labeled under a process regulated by state agencies. Read the label for origin of material, germination and pure live seed (PLS) rates, as well as the amount of weed seed, crop seed and other inert matter. Please be sure the seed your purchase is weed-free.

Small Projects

For small projects you may choose to collect your own seed in the wild. Obtain permits if collecting from federal lands and test for germination at the Oregon State University (OSU) Seed Testing Laboratory, (541) 737-4464. The Seedbank and agencies develop high quality, local native seed programs by wild collecting and contracting private agricultural producers to increase seed.

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